TACK Talks

TACK talks 2021

In this online lecture series three cultural institutions will reveal how their work is the result of examinations of knowledge and how tacit knowledge is part of the internal conversation and the communication with others.

How to? A guide through knowing

After its insightful inauguration, asking architectural practitioners “How do we know?”, the Communities of Tacit Knowledge network is pleased to announce the second round of the TACK Talks. “How to? A guide through knowing” is a call to further explore the tacit dimension of knowledge, focusing on the interplay between culture and professional practice, investigating how knowledge is identified, communicated and produced in their relationship and its reflection on society.

In three cross-over conversations, representatives such as directors, curators, archivists of the international institutions Architekturzentrum Wien, the Vlaams Architectuurinstituut and the Het Nieuwe Insitituut, accompanied by our ESRs, will debate on different perspectives of mediating tacit knowledge and address challenging questions surrounding their practice. Regarding the notion of expertise and the existence of a socially established design culture: how to choose the expert? Recognizing the agency of other actors in architectural production, both human and non-human: how to archive embodied knowledge? And finally, acknowledging the entanglements between territory and the built environment: how to define what belongs where? Join us on Thursdays, March 11th, March 25thand April 8th, when these questions will be addressed between these three distinguished architectural cultural institutes as well as partners in our TACK Network.

1 – How to choose the expert?

11th March 2020, 6-7pm CEST

Het Nieuwe Instituut (Speaker TBC)

Architekturzentrum Wien (Speaker TBC)

Moderator: Anna Livia Vørsel (KTH, Stockholm)

Responders: Hamish Lonergan (ETH, Zurich), Claudia Mainardi (POLIMI, Milano)

The event will take place online.

2 – How to archive embodied knowledge?

25th March 2020, 6-7pm CEST

Vlaams Archtitectuurinstituut (Speaker TBC)

Architekturzentrum Wien (Speaker TBC)

Moderator: Ionas Sklavounos (UoA, Antwerp)

Responders: Eric Crevels (TU Delft), Paula Strunden (ABKW, Vienna), Mara Trübenbach (AHO, Oslo)

The event will take place online.

3 – How to define what belongs where?

8th April 2020, 6-7pm CEST

Vlaams Architectuurinstiuut (Speaker TBC)

Het Nieuwe Instituut (Speaker TBC)

Moderator: Filippo Cattapan (BUW, Wuppertal)

Responders: Jhono Bennett (UCL, London); Caendia Wynbelt (LUH, Hanover)

The event will take place online.