TACK Talks

TACK talks 2021 Roundtable

The Communities of Tacit Knowledge network is pleased to announce a last TACK talk : “How to reach out to communities of practice”. Join us on Thursday, May 6th, when this question will be addressed in a roundtable discussion between three distinguished architectural cultural institutes as well as partners in our TACK Network.

How to reach out to communities of practice ?

6th May 2021, 5-6pm CEST

Monika Platzer, Architekturzentrum Wien

Sofie de Caigny, Vlaams Architectuurinstituut

Dirk van den Heuvel, Het Nieuwe Instituut

Moderator: Christoph Grafe (BUW)

Responders: Eric Crevels (TUD) and Claudia Mainardi (POLIMI)

Watch this talk live on Youtube here