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Tim Anstey’s “Warburg Models”

On May 27th 2021 at 7:00pm (CEST), Tim Anstey, academic partner of the TACK research project, will be launching the international exhibition “Warburg Models” during the online Director’s seminar at the Warburg Institute. The exhibition will be open live at Blaker gamle meieri, Norway, from May 29th to June 15th 2021.

Architecture, interiors and technological systems were crucial for how Aby Warburg and his followers interrogated culture and memory. Through six hyper-detailed models at 1:75 scale, the exhibition investigates the tie between the Warburg scholars’ occupancy of architectural space and their shared ideas about intellectual order, and interrogates their intriguing use of colour in organizing the library. Warburg Models is part of the research project “Re-inscribing the Warburg Institute” at OCCAS (the Oslo Centre for Critical Architectural Studies) led by Tim Anstey, and results from an AHO graduate seminar run by Professors Tim Anstey and Mari Lending 2020-2021. The models are built by Pernille Ahlgren, Amalie Elvegård, Nora Kilstad, Anne Lise Ladegård, Pål Sanchez-Paredes, Silje Seim, Cathrine Sundem, Maximilian Svendsen, Karina Tang, and Mara Trübenbach. Collaborating discussion partners Bill Sherman, director Warburg Institute, London; Uwe Fleckner, director Warburg-Haus, Hamburg, Dag Erik Elgin, artist, Oslo, Elizabeth Sears, Professor of Art History, University of Michigan and Claudia Wedpohl, archivist, Warburg Institute, London.

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