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Margitta Burchert and the ‘Intentions of Reflexive Design’

Margitta Buchert, academic partner of the TACK research project, edited the new a_ku publication ‘Intentions of Reflexive Design’:

How do intentions enroll into the practice of architecture and landscape design and research? How do they become operative to orientate, clarify, and energize the creative process, and in what ways do they inform design and knowledge processes? 

The new a_ku publication ‘Intentions of Reflexive Design’presents itself as a multifaceted thematization of intentions in creative processes of designing and researching and offers a stimulating contribution to current design and artistic design research. International authors from theory and practice discuss in their contributions the potentials of intention-guided modes of action and forms of articulation as well as their manifold interconnections. Concrete examples of creative production of knowledge and design as well as their reflexive formations are pointed out.

‘Intentions of Reflexive Design’expands the research and publication series on the topic of `Reflexive Design´. With contributions by Matthias von Ballestrem, Maria del Pilar Barba Buscaglia, Katja Benfer/Cyrus Zahiri, Steffen Bösenberg, Ricardo Carvalho, Eduardo Cresci, Valerie Hoberg, Luciano Motta, Caroline Voet and Margitta Buchert. All books are published by jovis, Berlin.