training meetings

4th Intermediate Meeting

The 4th intermediate meeting at ABKW took place online between 28th June 2021 and 30th June 2021. Paula Strunden, ESR based in Vienna, has written a brief report on the event.

From June 28th – 30th, 2021, the fourth intermediate TACK meeting Assemblages – forming part of the second TACK training axis Probing Tacit Knowledge  – took place via Zoom. The meeting marked the half-time of the three yearlong research program and was organized by Angelika Schnell and Eva Sommeregger at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. All supervisory board members and early stage researchers (ESR) attended the three-day digital gathering following a clear organizational structure of a classical PhD colloquium, intermitted by Zoom break-out room discussions and a series of consecutive Feldenkrais workshops that took place in the evenings. 

In preparation for the meeting, each ESR was asked to submit a 10.000-word text (a chapter draft, essay, or paper in progress) to be read and discussed by different members of the TACK network and guest respondents from various disciplines.

On June 28th, Angelika Schnell and Ingeborg Erhart, the Academy of Fine Arts vice-rector, opened the meeting. Their welcoming words were followed by Eva Sommeregger’s introduction to the Feldenkrais for the Eyes workshop, set up to sensitize the participants for the subject of embodied learning in regard to tacit knowledge. The first day finished with the executive board meeting, where the ESR’s reader and collective bibliography was presented (download here).

The following two days were structured in the same way, allowing each of the ESR to present and discuss their ongoing research in-depth. Each day 5 ESR had 20-30 minutes to present their written texts, which were commented on by their first and second supervisors, one guest critics and one ESR respondent. Twice a day, additional Zoom break-out rooms were opened to deepen the conversation and discuss the ESR’s next steps in smaller circles. This structure, as well as the strictly kept timetable, allowed for lively scientific exchange and focused debate in changing groups, despite the remote Zoom set-up.

The meeting ended on June 30th with a final feedback session allowing all participants to voice ideas and make suggestions for the upcoming foundational meeting in Wuppertal in October 2021.