Summer School

Tack Summer school final performance

Over intensive two weeks, participants from within and outside the TACK network have examined the tacit knowledge of summer schools themselves, activating their archives through a set of experimental research methods including re-enactment, performance and fictocriticism. 

Groups will perform their re-enactments of one summer school, the International Laboratory for Architecture and Urbanism (ILAUD), sharing drawings, photographs, texts and dialogues “in character” as the schools and educators of the early years of ILAUD. They will explore the social, embodied and often-unconscious tacit knowledge at play in this international and intergenerational experiment in architectural education. 

The TACK summer school is a collaboration between the TACK network and Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam. Members of both organisations will offer feedback to the participations. To watch the livestream, follow the link in our bio.

Date : 17 September 2021, 10h-12h/13h-15h CEST

Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

Learn more about the summer school here.

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