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Happy two years TACK !

This month we celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of the TACK project. In honour of this occasion, we take a look back at the milestones that have been achieved thus far, in the form of a logbook.

October 2020

On the 16th, the Mid Term Check Meeting takes place, and the EU Officer meets the whole Network to get an insight on the work done so far.

The 2nd Intermediate Meeting, organised by Tim Anstey (AHO) takes place online on the 27th to 29th of October. A report of the meeting is available here:

November 2020 & December 2020

TACK ESRs conduct their practice-based secondments, and are actively adapting their research to the conditions of the lockdown.

January 2021

The ESRs are working in their practice-based secondments and share some of their impressions:

February 2021

The Meeting on Trainings Axes, organized by Christoph Grafe (BUW) takes place online on February 9th.

March 2021

The second round of TACK Talks is launched and focuses on the interplay between culture and professional practice, investigating how knowledge is identified, communicated and produced in their relationship and its reflection on society. You may watch the four discussions here:

April 2021

Laura Trazic joins the coordinator’s team during Korinna Weber’s maternity leave.

A new online format is created to facilitate informal exchange within the network and the first Cluster Coffee takes place on April 14th.

May 2021

The 3rd Intermediate Meeting, organised by Gennaro Postiglione and Gaia Caramellino (POLIMI) takes place online between the 3rd and 5th May 2021. A report of the 3rd Intermediate meeting is available here:

June 2021

The 4th Intermediate meeting, organised by Angelika Schnell and Eva Sommeregger (ABKW) takes place online on the 28-30th June 2021. A report of the 4th Intermediate meeting is available here:

July 2021

As the summer starts, the TACK network stays in contact and on the 22nd, holds its 3rd Cluster Coffee. The first practice-based secondment phase is closing, thanks to all the offices who have hosted ESRs!

August 2021

The network is organising the third series of TACK Talks, in partnership with the Institut für Kunst und Architektur (IKA). Five talks will be given between October 2021 and May 2022. More information on these events:

September 2021

The two-week intensive summer school for early stage researchers (ESR) and external participants was organised by Hamish Lonergan (ETH) and hosted by the Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, between September 6 and 17. This summer school will focus on the role that tacit knowledge plays in architectural education, and (particularly) on the ways in which it is transferred. More information on the event is available here:

We are looking forward to another exciting TACK year!