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Third Foundational Course Session

The third TACK foundational course session will take place at the University of Antwerp, on 7th-11th February 2022.

The module ‘Projective capacities of tacit knowledge’ seeks to develop new theoretical concepts and new heuristic approaches to examine how tacit knowledge is understood in architectural practice and how it can be made explicit and communicated. It investigates how value-systems that are inherent to specific cultural contexts (for instance concerning the public role of the architect) affect the perception and reception of tacit knowledge in architecture, and examines how self-reflexivity can sharpen the understanding of the functioning of tacit knowledge.

The module program structures the third year of the the TACK project and aims to provide guidance in developing the research and completing a (draft) dissertation. The organization of the module aims to ensure sufficient time for in-depth discussion of the gaps and uncertainties in the research development, as well as the challenges facing the ESR in completing the work.

To aid in this process of delving further into the research, the collection of PhD work accompanying the ANT foundational will be structured explicitly as a ‘work-in-progress’, encouraging the ESRs to articulate the questions, dilemmas and uncertainties of their research.

Monday, 7 February 2022 : Initiation Meeting
Venue: UAntwerp city campus, Hof Van Liere (Prinsstraat 13, Antwerpen)

09:00-12:30 Presentation Secondments
14:00-15:30 PhD Session I
16:00-17:30 PhD Session II
17:30-18:00 Wrap-up

Tuesday, 8 February 2022
Venue: Flemish Architecture Institute (VAi) / De Singel

09:00-10:30 PhD Session III
PhD Session IV
14:00-15:30 PhD Session V
15:30-16:00 Wrap-up
16:30-18:30 Supervisory Board

Wednesday, 9 February
Venue: UAntwerp Faculty of Design Sciences (Mutsaardstraat 31, Antwerpen)

09:00-13:00 Workshop ‘Publishing from/with the PhD’
14:00-17:00 Ethic Seminar PhDs

Thursday, 10 February
Venue: UAntwerp Faculty of Design Sciences (Mutsaardstraat 31, Antwerpen)

09:30-10:00 Intro with Guest Presentations (Lara Schrijver, Inge Bertels)
10:30-11:30 Discussion on afternoon
11:30-12:30 Wrap-Up with Caroline van Eck / Françoise Fromonot
14:00-15:30 Faculty Exhibition Visit (on Jan Thomaes, Jan Meersman, Geert Driesen, Krys Mys, Dirk Janssen)
16:00-18:00 Public Event: Presentation of Architects

Friday, 11 October
Venue: Excursions Antwerp

10:00-14:00 Choice of two options in Antwerp
Excursion to Eilandje (Harbour Redevelopment 1990s/00s)
Excursion to Plantin-Moretus Museum (on printing and publishing)

Visiting addresses

University of Antwerp
Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Friday, 1 July
Venue: UAntwerp Faculty of Design Sciences (Mutsaardstraat 13, Antwerpen)

09:00-09:30 Intro by Lara Schrijver
10:00-12:30 Website / Digital Publication (Helen Thomas)
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Preliminary conversation TACK X ANT (10 ESRs, 4 Antwerp professors)
15:30-17:00 Public Event: Antwerp Architects/Professors Geert Driesen, Dirk Janssen, Jan Meersman, Kris Mys in conversation with
18.30 Dinner

Saturday, 2 July
Venue: UAntwerp city campus (CST, buildings A, C)

09:30-11:00 Discussion Secondments (advisory board + secondment partners + ESRs)
11:30-12:00 On Final Exhibition 2023 (Tom Avermaete)
12:00-14:00 Lunch Sessions
14:00-15:30 PhD talks (parallel sessions with informal presentations)
16:00-17:30 Life after PhD: teaching/post-doc/practice/other (plenary)
17:30-18:00 Wrap-Up
18.30 Dinner

Sunday, 3 July

10:00-14:00 social program – excursions in Antwerp (tbc: Cadixwijk / Plantin Moretus museum)
14:00 Vlaams Architectuurinstituut (guided) exhibition visit

To download the kick-off programme, please click on the link below:

TACK_ANT Program Foundational Course