Intermediate meetings

The six Intermediate meetings are four-day workshops, which take place at the start of a new training module (click here for an overview of all training modules). Contrary to the foundational courses, which take the form of seminars, these workshops are more interactive and invite input from everyone involved in the network, facilitating different types of knowledge exchanges.

At the start of these meetings, a customized reader will be available, which is prepared by the scientist-in-charge at the institution where the training module is held. This document will provide insight into the methodological and theoretical background of the upcoming module and will be introduced by the scientist-in-charge of the module-partner during a one-day seminar.

During the intermediate meetings, two days are dedicated to a doctoral symposium, during which all ten early stage researchers (ESR) involved in the network present their work-in-progress. This doctoral symposium will allow the ESRs to receive feedback from all scientists-in-charge involved in the network, as well as from their fellow ESRs.

Finally, during the intermediate meetings one day will be spent to evaluate the previous training meeting along with the outcomes of completed secondments.