The ‘Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and its Ways of Knowing’ ITN regularly organizes public events, such as talks, conferences and exhibitions, which reflect on the impact of tacit knowledge on architectural practice. More information on some of these events can be found here.

Final Conference and Exhibition

Conference “Tacit Knowledge in Architecture” Tacit knowledge is a key characteristic of architecture culture. It plays a central role in the conception, design, construction and appropriation of buildings and cities.

TACK Talks #3

3rd Series: Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and its Ways of Knowing - Lecture series at the Institut für Kunst und Architektur, Akademie der Bildenden Kunst Wien After the two previous series, asking architectural practitioners “How do we know?” and cultural institutions “How to?

TACK Talks #2

2nd Series: How to? A guide through knowing After its insightful inauguration, asking architectural practitioners “How do we know?”, the Communities of Tacit Knowledge network is pleased to announce the second round of the TACK Talks.

TACK Talks #1

1st Series: How do we know? In this online lecture series nine architectural firms revealed how their work is the result of examinations of knowledge and how tacit knowledge is part of the internal conversation and the communication with others.