TACK goes Under the Landscape

From Sunday 26 to Wednesday 29 June 2022, five members of the TACK network met on the islands of Santorini and Therasia (Cyclades, Greece), in the context of the Symposium Under the Landscape; an interdisciplinary colloquium aiming to explore different conceptions of the – increasingly topical – notion of landscape. This symposium was organized by ‘Boulouki – Itinerant Workshop on Traditional Building Techniques’ whose founding member Ionas Sklavounos, is a TACK doctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp.

The four days included keynote lectures by distinguished scholars such as professors Karsten Harries (Yale University), Kenneth Olwig (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Teresa Galí-Izard (ETH Zurich), Jane Mah Hutton (University of Waterloo) and Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen), while TACK researchers Eric Crevels (TU Delft) and Caendia Wijnbelt (LUH) were among the fifteen speakers who presented their work. Professor Lara Schrijver (ANT) participated as an invited commentator, and art historian Monika Platzer (AzW) delivered a lecture on the long-standing relationship between Santorini and the Austrian architect Bernard Rudofsky.

The key-note lectures and paper discussions, roundtables and exhibitions that framed the symposium were hosted in different locations on the two islands, as to enable the lived experience of these places to unlock different dimensions of Tacit Knowledge that lie Under the Landscape.

Written by Ionas Sklavounus