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Ideas at the confluence of places: conferencing by journeying.


Caendia Wijnbelt

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June 1, 2022

Under the landscape, organised by Boulouki, June 2022, Santorini and Theresia.

After a couple of years where ‘colloquium’ and ‘conference’ were synonymous with digital gatherings, ‘Under the Landscape’, for me, brought the in-person exchange of ideas to different grounds. Starting off in Santorini, and then actively shifting locations, the conference was on the move over five days. The exchange of different perspectives, held through presentations and conversations, became deeply interwoven with the places these instances took shape in: discussing mountain peaks while situated in a schoolyard neighbouring a small church on the island of Theresia, or lineages and modes of collaborating through time while under a shaded dome installed on the Tomato Industrial Museum property in Santorini. Breaking from these formal discussions were the gatherings organised in between each working session, where more informal talk took place at the same time as we journeyed through different landscapes. By different modes of transport, often on foot or by boat, each location was discovered in the process of getting to it: a break from the swift transitions between countries that can be experienced, a break from the plane that brought us to Greece in the first place. These snapshots depict the transitions between ideas and places, alternating between moments of collaboration and moments of individual exploration, that made up my experience of this symposium.

Many thanks to the hosts and creators (one of whom is our colleague Ionas Sklavounos), as well as to the participants, including also other TACK members: Eric Crevels, Lara Schrijver, Monika Platzer!

Ideas at the confluence of places