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Book Corner: ‘Pre-Positions’, in Site-Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism by Jane Rendell (2010)


Jhono Bennett Anna Livia Vørsel

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Rendell, J. (2010) ‘Pre-Positions’, in Site-Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism

Jhono Bennett and Anna Livia Vørsel are discussing the book “Site-Writing” by Jane Rendell (ISBN: 9781845119997)

Jhono Bennett

The introduction to the author’s positional body of work, sets the theoretical and intellectual context for the ideas underpinning Site-Writing as a practice and their aims in giving voice to this form of practice. The author uses seminal writers on phycology, art-practice and philosophy as figures to guide their later theories and discusses the relationship between architecture and art-critique as reflective and positional practices.

Anna Livia Vørsel:

“Site-Writing explores the position of the critic, not only in relation to art objects, architectural spaces and theoretical ideas, but also through the site of writing itself, investigating the limits of criticism, and asking what is possible for a critic to say about an artist, a work, the site of a work and the critic herself and for the writing to still ‘count’ as criticism.”