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Probing Tacit Knowledge. Codes of Tacit Knowledge

Author / Creator

Claudia Mainardi

supervised by

Gennaro Postiglione Gaia Caramellino


Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

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March 10, 2023

Module Aims

  • To focus on the specific codes and conventions that tacit modes of knowledge-transmission employ.
  • To examine the nature and efficacy of these codes, their conditioning role for architectural cultures and their performance within specific contexts and within local architectural cultures.
  • To unpack the ways in which these codes are communicated to clients, builders and a wider community of stakeholders and the general public.
  • To gain insights on:
    • how codes affect the architectural production;
    • how codes can be used to sustain communities of tacit knowledge in architecture;
    • how codes change over time, and are transmitted to – and adopted by newcomers.