Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

Prof. dr. ir. Klaske Havik is Professor of Methods of Analysis and Imagination at the Department of Architecture at TU Delft. Her book Urban Literacy. Reading and Writing Architecture (Rotterdam: Nai010 2014), based on her PhD, proposes a literary approach to architecture and urbanism. Other publications include Writingplace. Investigations in Architecture and Literature (2016), “Writing Atmospheres”, in Jonathan Charley(ed), Routledge Companion to Architecture and Literature (London: Routledge, 2018) and Architectural Positions: Architecture, Modernity and the Public Sphere (with Tom Avermaete and Hans Teerds, 2009). Havik is editor of the Writingplace Journal for Architecture & Literature, and Action Chair of the EU Cost network Writing Urban Places.

Prof. Dr. ir. Janina Gosseye is Associate Professor of Urban Architecture in the TUDelft Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Her research is situated at the nexus of architectural theory, urban planning and social and political history. Gosseye has edited and authored several books, including Shopping Towns Europe 1945-75: Commercial Collectivity and the Architecture of the Shopping Centre (2017, with Tom Avermaete) and Speaking of Buildings: Oral History in Architectural Research (2019, with Naomi Stead and Deborah van der Plaat).Her research has also been published in several leading journals, including the Journal of Architecture,the Journal of Urban History, and Planning Perspectives.