Caendia Wijnbelt

Leibniz Universität Hannover, Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences

Caendia Wijnbelt is an architect and researcher with a strong interest in the many modes of perceiving/interpreting place, building upon a broad range of experiences working between disciplines and across cultures. She is currently exploring how reflexive approaches towards sites and localities could be conceptualised and generate practical tools for design. Graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from ENSA Toulouse, she then completed a dual Master’s degree in European Architecture within the international network Reiseuni_lab in 2018. Her experience includes workshop-based design projects in Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (MA), Tallinn University of Technology (MSc), University of Ljubljana, Haifa School of Design, Bauhaus Dessau, University of Innsbruck. For the last two years, she worked at Inês Lobo Arquitectos in Lisbon, Portugal.

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