Françoise Fromonot

Françoise Fromonot is an architect and critic based in Paris, currently Professor (design, history and theory) at the ENSA Paris-Belleville. A contributing editor to l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui (Paris), then a joint editor of le visiteur (Paris), she was in 2008 a founding member of criticat (, and the editor in 2016 of selection of articles from the first ten issues, Yours critically. She is also the author of numerous books and essays, including Glenn Murcutt-Buildings and Projects (Electa, 1995 / 2003), Jørn Utzon and the Sydney Opera House (Electa, 1998), La Campagne des Halles (La Fabrique, 2005), a critical account of the renovation of central Paris followed in 2019 by a second volume, La Comédie des Halles. Her latest monograph deals with the large-scale projects of Michel Desvigne (Transforming Landscapes, Birkhäuser, 2020).