Margitta Buchert

Prof. dr. ir. Margitta Buchert was Chair for Architecture and Art 20th/21st Centuries at the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences (Leibniz Universität Hannover). Contents focus on architectural theory, design theory, and design principles. The primary fields of research are ‘Reflexive design’, ‘Urban architecture’, as well as the aesthetics and contextuality of architecture, art, cities, and nature. | Selected publications: Bigness and Porosity, in: Sophie Wolfrum et al. (ed.), Porous City, Berlin 2018, 84-88; Margitta Buchert (ed), Processes of Reflexive Design, Berlin 2018; Margitta Buchert, Mobile und Stabile, in: Anett Zinsmeister (ed.), Figure of motion, Berlin 2011, 50–73; Margitta Buchert, Actuating. Koolhaas´urban aesthetics, in: Jale Erzen (ed.), Mirmarlikta estetik dusunce, Ankara 2010, 223-231.