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Weightless Bricks Act I: Production


Paula Strunden

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February 20, 2019

Weightless Bricks is a site-specific mixed reality experience created by Soft Bodies as part of ‘Invisible Landscapes: Imagination (Act III)’ in the Architecture Studio at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Experienced through a virtual-reality headset, viewers will adopt the first-person perspective of a worker, led through a series of virtual spaces and blended with some of the physical objects presented in the display. The viewers will explore a hybrid scenario where physical architecture has become fully entangled with a digital world. This is a project proposing different scenarios for creative production in the virtual space in the near future.

Sound Design – Kevin Pollard
Voice Over – Tom James
UX Coding – Fabian Strunden

Produced by Soft Bodies (Paula Strunden, John Cruwys and David Flook) in 2019.