Summer school

The two-week intensive summer school for early stage researchers (ESR) will take place in September 2021, and will be organized by the early stage researcher working on the ‘Transmitting Tacit Knowledge‘ research project. This summer school will focus on the role that tacit knowledge plays in architectural education, and (particularly) on the ways in which it is transferred.

ESRs will be made aware of the difference in educational approaches between the well-known systems of architectural education, such as the Beaux-Arts training (arts-informed pedagogy), the École Polytechnique (technology-informed pedagogy) and Bauhaus (crafts-informed pedagogy), and the role that tacit knowledge played within these systems. ESRs will be invited to consult archival collections of architectural educators to distinguish how tacit knowledge operate in various (historical) educational settings, and will also contribute to a design project, to gain first-hand experience of how tacit knowledge is embedded in and conveyed through architectural pedagogy.

At the start of this two-week summer school, a customized reader will be made available, which outlines the aim and tasks of the summer school.