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Clay Landscape

Submitted by

Ola Broms Wessel Klas Ruin Spridd


This 1:1000 landscape model made from clay shows the site of a prominent twelfth-century church and graveyard located between two housing areas, Tensta and Rinkeby, both built during the 1960s as part of the Million Programme in Stockholm. We are currently adding a wall of housing combined with a 100-metre-long assembly hall on this site.

In our practice, we have used this kind of clay model for numerous projects over the years. Collecting these models, we have built our own growing landscape of models in the office.

We enjoy the reference to Sir John Soane’s Museum in London and his mode of producing imaginative collage paintings, representing the totality of his work as an autonomous place of culture production.


Submitted by
Klas Ruin and Ola Broms Wessel founded Spridd in 2005. Spridd is one of Sweden’s most innovative offices with success in competitions, research, debates, and completed projects. Spridd has been nominated for the Kasper Salin Prize for the best building of 2023, for the transformation of St. Paul’s Church, Stockholm.


This object is part of the TACK Exhibition “Unausgesprochenes Wissen / Unspoken Knowledge / Le (savoir) non-dit”, in the section “Horizons and References”.