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Unveiling Embodied Tacit Knowledge through the Act of Drawing

Author / Creator

Paula Strunden

supervised by

Angelika Schnell Eva Sommeregger


Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute for Art and Architecture

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Module Aims to

The goal of this module is to understand architecture as an extended spatial practice that includes time-based methods from user-experience design and the performing arts, such as theatre and dance. Building upon the theory of tacit knowledge, understood here as an embodied, embedded, enactive, and extended practice, the complexities of architectural design processes are examined to:

  • understand how tacit knowledge is practiced and transferred through the act of drawing.
  • frame virtual technologies as an embodied tool to explore the design and construction of spatial environments in real-time and -scale.
  • apply these theoretical conceptions of tacit knowledge in a series of VR workshops and expand upon the existing understanding of the tool through the collaborative online platform
    XR Atlas.