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55°42’14.8”N 12°33’18.4”E

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Sofie Stilling

Copenhagen 55°42’14.8”N 12°33’18.4”E, photographer: Sofie Stilling


This film, 55°42’14.8”N 12°33’18.4”E, is produced in collaboration with Vandkunsten & Arkitema Architects as part of the EU-funded project, CIRCuIT. It focuses on strategies for circular construction in regenerative cities, exploring a post-industrial area in Copenhagen before it undergoes urban renewal.

In search of strategies to identify valuable and transformable built structures, we assessed the site using a set of epistemes addressing different but juxtaposed lenses.

The film conveys our reading of the site and the tacit knowledge embedded in our bodily movement through it, as it explicates implicit frames of understanding rooted in the phenomenological. Through its multi-sensual character, adopting multiple viewpoints – the presence of the author, interviews with residents, and resonance in the bodies of the audience – the film conveys an atmospheric understanding of the place, anticipating its regenerative design.

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Sofie Stilling is a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen researching how film can capture and communicate relational character in the early stages of architectural project development. Sofie holds an MSc in landscape architecture and a BA in film and media studies. She is a curator and self-taught filmmaker.


This object is part of the TACK Exhibition “Unausgesprochenes Wissen / Unspoken Knowledge / Le (savoir) non-dit”, in the section “Embodiment and Experience”.